Provided services

We are happy to provide a full range of dental services including comprehensive preventive care programs:
Entry check-up
Examination of the hard tooth tissues, tooth-supporting structures and the mucous membrane.
Evaluation of the dental hygiene.
Suggestions of possible therapeutic plans and information about the cost of the treatment.
Prevention is the cheapest and simplest way how to keep the teeth through all our life.
You can precede complications such as tooth decay, pulpitis, dentinitis or gingival bleeding.
In our dental surgeries, we provide a regular tooth investigation twice a year. During the examination we can make x-ray pictures OPG or Bitewing, which detect also covered problems.
Dental hygiene
Dental hygiene is a necessary part of modern dentistry.
Only a well motivated and instructed patient can prevent repeated causes of decay or gum infection.
We provide removal of tooth plaque, pigmentation and scale, dental hygiene instruction – theoretical and practical instruction of teeth brushing, and we also recommend dental utilities (interdental tooth-brush, solo tooth-brush, dental cotton, classic tooth-brush).
Maintenance stomatology
Fillings replace a tooth part removed during drilling of tooth decay. Choice of the righ material depends on several factors. Amalgam filling – ideal solution at patients with bad hygiene or high tooth cariosity, with regard to the antibacterial character.Composite (white) filling – in comparison with amalgam, it has few advantages – it stabilizes whole teeth, it is highly aesthetic treatment option (it blends with the teeth). Glass Ionomer filling – in the long term temporary filling with antibacterial charakter, often used at children´s dentistry.
Aesthetic Fillings
We make highly aesthetic Composite and Glass Ionomer fillings from high-quality materials during one visit.
Endodontics is a root canal treatment, which has a huge importance for next fate and global dental treatment. It is instrumental to keep a defunct teeth in oral cavity without limitation of its function. It is one of the most complicated dental operation. The tooth is filled by canal filling which prevents further bacteria infection. In our dental surgeries, we use the most modern methods of root canal treatment. Standard methods are completely obsolete and that is why we don´t recommend them to our patients, because it is impossible to ensure in the long term good prognosis of so treated teeth. Above standard method includes: Assesment of a root canal length with apexlocator Raypex 5 or RVG. Root canals treatment with apparatus Endo IT Professional. Root canal filling by above standard methods.
Dental prosthesis
We make fixed and removable dentures conformably to the modern methods with regard to the patient´s requieremenrs, including all-ceramic crowns and bridges made by method CAD/CAM from zirconium. In cooperation with our dental laboratories, we are able to achieve excellent aesthetical requierements. Fixed dentures – highly aesthetic tooth compensations which are unrecognizable to the human eye. All ground down teeth can always be temporarily fixed. Crowns – supply a large loss of tooth tissue caused by a decay or injury, or fills in large spaces between teeth. Choice of two types of crowns – metal-porcelain or all-porcelain. Bridges – supply for lost teeth by placing a bridge on surrounding teeth which are sharpened to crowns. Material used is either metal-porcelain or all-porcelain. The space can also be repaired by a dental implant. Removable dentures – resin implants which are not closely fixed and are easy to remove. Substitute for a loss of a group of teeth.
Pediatric dentistry
Begins with women during pregnancy who will be informed about the continuing development of a child’s dentition and how it can be influenced.
We try to gain the child’s trust, loss of fear from the examination, early diagnosis of hard and soft tissue diseases.
In this way we prevent painful complications or negative effects on the child’s dentition and jaw.
We do painless extractions of all types of teeth, including wisdom teeth, and smaller surgery majors. We also do surgical extractions of submerged or semi-submerged teeth and other complicated surgical procedures - excision of the root, pre-prosthetic procedures, removal of the frenulum.
Painless treatment
Some dental operations can be more or less painful. Pain threshold is different for each patient. However, our doctors dispose of facilities, which can void of the patient´s pain and dulcify the treatment. With local anaesthesia it is possible to do painlessly all types of churgical treatment, and also disagreeable and painful operations such as treatment of deep or cervical tooth decay or tooth sharping before making crown or bridge.
Digital Panoramic X-rays
Directly in our dental centre during entry check-up, we make for all our patients digital panoramic x-ray picture (OPG). We also make regular x-ray pictures digitally (RVG).
Professional equipment
With regard to providing of complex dental care, our centre is equipped with three fully furnished dental surgeries with dental ensembles Planmeca and KaVo, and above standard apparatus equipment such as VDW Endo IT Professional, Raypex 5.
X-ray workplace, where we make Picture, is furnished with apparatus Planmeca Pro One and Planmeca Dixi2.


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